The idea was to build a luxury American made shallow draft vessel with a Twin Hull tm system offering zero interruption to the interior living space, utilizing a wider than usually beam. This was a dream shared by two brothers, Jeffrey and David Meilahn. Meilahn Custom Yachts, LLC. chose Stuart, Florida as its base for the design and hand crafted assembly of the Gemini SuperSport custom build yacht line. MCY commissioned Steven French and his team of Naval Architects at Applied Concepts Unleashed to help bring that vision to fruition. Through this collaboration, Meilahn Custom Yachts was able to make this yacht so special, that the end result achieved the aesthetic goals of a unique luxury yacht with a spacious 'zero interruption' interior, which maintaining a performance standard that tops all other yachts in her class.

Now a technical marvel of the 21st Century, the Gemini SuperSport redefines the image of power catamarans and marks the dawn of a whole new class of yachts we call TwinHulls. The Gemini SuperSport line is named for the GEMINI Constellation. Gemini means 'The Twins' and is representative of the yacht's MCY TwinHull system. Plans have been initiated to offer two more MCY TwinHull inspired series, the Gemini MotorYacht and Gemini SportFish lines.